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We choose our musical instruments carefully.
So should you!

Magic Flutes International is an importer and supplier of quality woodwind and brass instruments and accessories.

We have a carefully selected range of musical instruments and can explain to you the benefits of the particular instruments we stock.

We have considered these factors:

Does the manufacturer produce musical instruments with a reputation for lasting? How have wear and tear issues been dealt with? What processes are in place to ensure quality workmanship across the entire range of instruments the manufacturer produces?

Do the musical instruments produce good tone and have good intonation? Are they easy to play? What is the range of tones available for creative expression through the instruments?

What is the price? Is it reasonable for the quality of instrument?

What accessory and case options are available to make your musical pursuits easier and more comfortable?

What is the continuity of supply from the manufacturer?

But above all, each individual musical instrument we sell has been played and tested by a qualified professional musician arranged by us to ensure that it plays well.

MOZART ORCHESTRA – “The most Viennese Orchestra outside Vienna”
Flutes on Display
Wherever possible, Mozart Orchestra performs on the type of instruments common in Viennese orchestras. Together with the appropriate playing styles and techniques, instruments such as Viennese Oboes, Vienna Horns, Clarinets in C and D, Trumpets in F as well as Drums with wooden rims and goat or calf skins are used to produce real Viennese sound. CLICK HERE to visit the MOZART ORCHESTRA website.

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